Water is NOT just H2O

Water: The Nutrient

Everyone needs to consume an adequate amount of water to stay healthy. That amount can vary depending on a person’s age, health, and activity level.

Linda S. Boeckner, Extension Nutrition Specialist Universtiy of Nebraska

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Nutrients are those elements from food and drink that perform a sustaining or metabolic function when taken inside our bodies.

Essential nutrients must be supplied from an outside source because they cannot be made by the body in sufficient amounts.

Water is an essential nutrient. Without it human life cannot survive. Deprivation of water kills faster than lack of any other nutrient.

If water is something you rarely think about, you are not alone. It is seldom thought of as a nutrient. Many people don’t realize the important part water plays in major body functions.

The reference here is all about human consumption, but comparison can be made to companion pets. In the wild they would have taken care of themselves, but as companion pets, they depend on us.

Water sustains metabolic function as a carrier of the elements of body cells. This is displayed very well by a new animation that was developed to do that in a new teaching tool completed at Harvard University.

The production was inspired by Professor Robert Lue, Life Sciences, and Harvard. In developing “The Inner Life of a Cell”, his goal was to remove boredom from Biology! Wow, did he ever?

What he depicts is also going on inside of your companion pet and it all happens in WATER!

This is why we suggest providing the very best hydration for your furry friend.

FetcH2O provides unexcelled hydration!

The following link will take you to a report presented by ABC News. Enjoy!

ABC Report on The Inner Life of the Cell

This is an introduction that was provided by ABC News. As you watch this, remember two things; you are never too old to learn and none of this could happen without water!

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