Water is Life

WATER is life’s most important nutrient. You can only live four days without a proper level of hydration.

Dehydration anytime is life threatening for companion pets.

We think you will agree that our pets have too short a life-span as it is. Health enhancing water can assure that our pets enjoy the fullness of life, which was intended.

At an earlier time, most of our water was found to be good. …But that is not the case today!

Government monitoring ignores the disease markers, which continue to increase. Some chemical residual is accepted. What does this do to smaller creatures?

Pharmaceutical residuals continue to find their way into the ground water. Hormone replacement therapy simply repeats itself unannounced from ground source water supplies.

Pet life spans are notably shorter now. We think this could be due to our compromised water supplies. At the least, this has to be a contributing factor.

Concern for this led to the development of a superior hydration product we call FetcH2O®.

Our trade-mark is more than designer water for Companion Pets.

It is life enhancing!

We start with very good water from a pristine source, which is further purified by an evaporative process that mimics what the Sun does to God given moisture.

Moisture is evaporated away from the impurities and bombarded with ultra violet light. It is then condensed and returned as purified water.

The results of that process are then blended back to water from this same pristine source.

The result is an anti-pathogenic product that is health enhancing and ready for consumption. An additional benefit is an almost infinite shelf life.

Treat your companion pet to water that has:

ZERO pharmaceutical residuals

ZERO chemical residuals.

And is also found to be free of disease makers!

FetcH2O, our product’s name may be Canine, but our emphasis is “Companion Pets”.

Feline friends need it too!

“If you could do only ONE thing to make your cat healthier, it should be getting him to drink more water. Water is essential for life. Next to oxygen, water is the most important nutrient in your cat’s body. It helps digest food, absorb nutrients, flush waste and control body temperature.

According to Dr. Jon, a famous internet veterinarian

Hydration provides the connecting links for all of the body systems for us and it is the same for our companion pets.

About 70% of body weight is water and 94% of blood is water. Water is an important nutrition for all life!

Companion Pets are dependent on their “caretakers” for this nutrition. It is important that we provide the very best hydration that is available for them.

Nothing compares with FetcH2O!