Top Essentials of Life

According to Julian Whitaker, M.D


1. Oxygen

2. Water

3. Salt

4. Potassium

5. Exercise

FACT – No one can live without these. Mainstream medicine too often ignores 2 & 3 in favor of selling drugs and procedures to treat the symptoms of dehydration.

FACT – Nothing kills life quicker than lack of water.

FACT – The people with the worst health drink the least water and use the most deadly diuretic drought causing drugs – caffeine and/or alcohol.

FACT – The salinity of the water outside the cells in our bodies is the same as the ocean.

FACT – In the middle ages people were put to a horrible death by salt deprivation.

FACT – Health care makes big bucks by selling a quart of water with salt in it (Saline 4) for up to $350.00 installed, but won’t tell the patients they do indeed need more water and salt in their diets.

FACT – How can you expect drug companies to do research on the importance of water in our daily lives when they can’t make money on it? Who does research to put themselves out of business?

FACT – No two substances in the Bible are mentioned more than water and salt.

FACT – The environment of an unborn baby is water and salt.

Note: That related pertains to humans, but do you think it will be any different for your Companion Pet?

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  1. Alex

    A friend offered me a drink of FetcH2O, so I said why not? I thought it was great, it had no taste and no smell, it was water without the extras. A week of so latter I purchased two bottles and shared one with my neighbors for their dog that didn’t like tap water. When I told them that I had tried it, they thought I was joking until they gave it a try. They said it was super.

    Just thought you would like to know.


    Posted 5-4-2010

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