The Process

By now you are asking, how do you provide this purified water?

Luck is certainly part of it! Over the years there have been attempts to add fluoride to our municipal water. Each time that has been defeated! Fluoride does not occur naturally in our area, so it is not in the municipal water supply. Clear Lake is a collection that is considered to be a pristine water source!

Next we have a design! It is not exactly like the Colonel with eleven herbs and spices, but the blend is our secret recipe, too!

We will tell you that the chlorine is no longer present. It has been replaced with anti-pathogenic water that in turn provides an anti-pathogenic product that has almost infinite shelf life.

Test results verify an unsurpassed purity that is simply water. There are no additives to be found! (Organa Labs Testing, Feb 23, 2006)

The purity of FetcH2O® provides a hydration that is health enhancing! We know your pet will keep our secret and perhaps may even share some this super hydration with you!