Fountain of Youth

According to World History, Ponce de Leon accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second journey to the new world. Ponce de Leon stayed behind remaining in Santo Domingo, an island south of Florida.

As a reward for his service to Spain, Ponce de Leon was given the right to find Bimini, one of the islands in the Bahamas. The “Fountain of Youth” was supposed to be in Bimini. Legend has it that anyone who drank from the fountain would never grow old. Ponce de Leon organized an expedition to find the fountain in March of 1513. He landed near the site of what is now St. Augustine, Florida. Bad navigation had given Spain claim to part of the new world, established by Leon, in the name of the King of Spain

His search for the Fountain of Youth is established legend. But suppose that good water, the healthiest water available, was his goal. Spain and the rest of Europe was emerging from the Dark Ages when rampant diseases and pestilence had created plagues, taking a toll on human existence.

This proliference of disease added to the existence of disease markers that have followed civilization ever since.

Everybody needs good water! It is the most important nutrient consumed. Four days without water can end life. In humans, 94% of blood is water. Water makes all body systems work, providing the vehicle to move life between the body cells.

It is the way to maintain vital health. This is especially so for your Companion Pet!

Starting with a recognized, pristine water source Sterling Water Products enhances that water through a special evaporative process. This is a process that mimics that of the sun. The water treated with this process eliminates disease markers and pharmaceutical residuals. The process renders the water to be anti-pathenigenic. By blending purified, anti-pathogenic water with the pristine water supply, the blend becomes anti-pathogenic and we are able to deliver the healthiest water available for your Companion Pet.

Our product is not quite the “Fountain of Youth”, but it is close enough to increase your pet’s longevity and keep them puppy frisky much longer.

Companion Pets that are provided FetcH2O for hydration can enjoy a much happier life.

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