Did your city make the list of the ten large cities with the best water supply? We sure hope you were not in the in the ten worst!

Taste is not the concern here. Unfortunately that is the way most drinking water is evaluated. The report makes no comment about disease markers either, which likely will be found even in what you might think to be good water.

You may be getting by with bottled water, and that may not be as good as you think.

Much of the bottled water is simply taken from a municipal water source. This saves shipping cost. Remember, municipal water is just not what it once was!

What about your companion pet? …You know the critter who supplies you an abundance of unconditional love.

Most will agree that pets have too short a life span. This was true at an earlier time, when all drinking water was found to be good. That life span is even shorter now. We think this is partially due to compromised water supplies.

We have the answer for your friend! Superior nutrition in FetcH2O®. Our trade-mark is more than designer water for your companion pet! Very good water is further purified by a process, and then blended back. In the process, FetcH2O® becomes anti-pathogenic.

We start with a pristine water source, Oregon’s coastal Clear Lake, a collection of water that is treated naturally by the evaporation of the sun. This removes the water from its contaminants and then delivers the purified water back to us in rainfall.

Try a five-pack! Treat your companion pet with water that has no pharmaceutical or chemical residuals and no disease markers.

Our product’s registered name may be Canine, but our emphasis is on “Companion Pets”.

Water is important nutrition for all life! If pets are dependent on their “caretakers” for nutrition, it is important that we provide the best nutrition that is available for them.

We know that many have Feline companions and we would not have you think that they are not in need of quality drinking water too. Some expert advice is related here.

Dr. Jon, a Veterinarian, writing on the website “PetPlace.com” offers the following:

“If you could do only ONE thing to make your cat healthier, it should be getting him to drink more water. Water is essential for life. Next to oxygen, water is the most important nutrient in your cat’s body. It helps digest food, absorb nutrients, flush waste and control body temperature.

Cats can go for days without food. They can lose up to 40 percent of their body weight and survive. But with a 10 percent water loss, bodily functions shut down causing serious illness. A 15 percent loss will kill a cat.

As a rule, cats need about one ounce of water a day for every pound of body weight. That means a 9-pound cat needs 9 ounces of water a day (about two quarts per week) to stay healthy.”

We do not have information at hand regarding Canine physiology; but we think that you can assume a similarity.

In any event you can take it to the bank: Water is the most important nutrient for all life!

At an earlier time water was pretty much all good. But that has changed. Latent hormones found in our waters are noted to be the cause of confused fish. Residuals of pesticides also are found. Disease markers continue to accumulate and man has added pharmaceutical residuals to the mix. Anti-biotics that seem to last forever!

The nation’s ground water has been invaded. It is said that millions of people are consuming substandard, even threatening water. Much of our municipal water supplies simply are not what they once were.

We can assume that lovable companion pets consume the same. With their reduced size and life spans, our companion pets are threatened. You likely will recognize that most do not enjoy that life span of earlier times.

Health enhanced water like FetcH2O® is your answer. Healthier drinking water will result in healthier companion pets.

Healthy pets are with us longer. Good health & the extended longevity for companion pet are our goals. They should also become your goals!